weekend of goodbyes: will’s *secret* going away party

saturday was will’s suprise going away party. this was a big day and probably the largest gathering i’d ever planned besides my own wedding; and let’s be honest, i don’t remember a single thing from that day other than laughing at kat saying she had to fart and the officiant cussing under his breath because he spilled the communion juice.  yeah, not too much to go on. so, anyway, i think i sent out, like, 50 reminder messages throughout the month “reminding” people to not park close by and to bring a side dish or dessert and that it was a secret. this thing was huge in my eyes and i really wanted it to be perfect; and… spoiler alert… it was! everyone was absolutely wonderful. no one spilled the beans including table group the night before, everyone parked down the street, he was preoccupied with car stuff and brother hangout time all day, i got to bake my cake pops, and he was surprised and loved on all evening! it was great!

it started off with will leaving early in the morning to work on his car with mike (our mechanic/doctor friend) and that took for.ev.er. seriously, he left at 9a and didn’t come home (not part of the plan) til almost 4. it was a long morning for my love. anyway, my mom and i started on everything early. we cleaned while we cooked because we both love multi-tasking. mark came over early after he bought the meat to marinate and cut it.
note: mark is an absolute godsend. seriously, ladies, he’s single, lives for the Lord, enjoys cooking, is good at cooking, and is freak’n awesome. what more do you need to know?




we set everything up outside to be able to give everyone a place to sit but for it to still feel like you’re in someone’s home just chill’n. that was important to me because we’re low maintenance and just love a simple hang out sesh with our loved ones. there are few things we enjoy more.






and here’s bloo-rei (my parent’s chinese shar-pei). he’s so precious!

like i had mentioned before we had an impromptu visit from will in between the car and his brothers to watch the florida state seminoles game: the first one of the season. will never called john so john was with his fiance (the lovely nikki) waiting for the phone call that never came. needless to say i hung up with will and immediately called john to tell him to call will. john did and convinced will to skip the game and play ultimate frisbee with him and thomas as a last brotherly hangout. of course will went for it and 3o minutes later will was headed out again.
everything went great! john texted me when they were 5 minutes away, we all yelled “SURPRISE!”  there was just the right amount of meat, everyone loved the fajitas, and everyone enjoyed themselves; especially will. his initial reaction was anticlimactic but later in the evening he could not stop saying thank you and how perfect it was, how awesome i was to plan the whole thing and how much he appreciated it and how much he loves me and he didn’t even suspect anything and did i say he told me i’m awesome already? ok, good.












thank you everyone who made this possible. the goal was to love on will and to make him feel special (because he is) and we did that. he could not stop talking about it the rest of the weekend and it made leaving just that much more difficult for him because of how wonderful all of you are. a special thanks to my family who have been such a wonderful support. not just on saturday but my entire life. i wouldn’t have been able to pull this off, let alone say goodbye yesterday, without you. thank you.



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