a weekend of goodbye’s: will’s last table group

well, i did it. i got through the weekend and got will on a plane and talked to will after that plane landed and now the countdown for me has begun!
the last day i worked was thursday and i was ready to be out of work. i told will i was going to be done early and i made sure i was. everything was ready for nightshift: report was written, orders put in, charts signed off, meds acknowledged, and patients in their rooms with everything they need. i was going to see my man and not let go of him for the next 5 days; his last 5 days here.
all of the days were a blur but significant things happened each of those days so i’ll talk about those. first, there was friday. of course we worked on packing and cleaning but the big thing was going to table group. we started it 2yrs ago and it was great to see everyone there and hang out, eat delicious food (bread stuffed with cheese and meat – yummmm), and think about everything we had gone through: babies, pets, houses, changing of jobs, health emergencies, etc. will and i started it because we wanted a group of people who were newlyweds like us and it’s been wonderful to have this core group of people to see every month and just get closer and closer. we laughed so hard friday night. it was a great time.












i love my table group!
(left to right: the smarts, the zaninnos, the kellys, the webers)
(missing: the lemelins)

thank you table group for loving us! most of all for loving will. you have been great entertainment and a great support to us! you have made me and will feel normal and included and welcomed. i can’t say enough how much it means to us to have had your friendship for the past 2 years. we love you all so much!


3 thoughts on “a weekend of goodbye’s: will’s last table group

  1. This is a nice tribute to a group of people whom I am sure will keep in touch with you in your new life in Scotland. I write a lot about expat transitions, and one thing that usually happens in the natural process of transitioning from one culture to another is that after the honeymoon period you experience the letdown of constantly trying to adjust to an entirely new culture. And believe me, despite sharing the same language, it will be culturally different in more ways than you might think. In this period you can become irritable, angry, frustrated, sad. In addition to supporting each other, it really will help if you seek out others early – don’t wait! Meet other students, new expats, neighbors, etc. Start a new table group. Or audition folks for a new group without telling them ;) They will never take the place of your beloved group in the US, but you will help each other over the transition hurdles.

    • thank you so much! i’ve learned so much from your blog already and welcome anymore tidbits of advice. i’m really looking forward to meeting new people and figuring will and myself out in a new place with a new culture. thank you for the encouragement!

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