cake pops!

so i saw this recipe on the blog suburbs mama last week for cake pops and they looked so cute that i had to make them. so, i did!
i made them for will’s surprise going away party this weekend.

i got all of my ingredients together and followed the tutorial above.  i baked the cake.

i then crumpled it up and mixed in the icing. a couple of recipes differed on the amount if icing to mix in so i just went with 3/4 of the can. in hindsight i think i should have used less; like, just 1/2 of the can.

the recipes used a mixer but also said that using your hand sometimes is easier; it was. next, i formed the dough into as many little balls as i could make and then popped them into the freezer for about 20 minutes. then i took the lollipop sticks, dipped them in some melted candy coating and stuck them into the balls. now, this is where things went different. because of the lack of space in the freezer i had to put them into the fridge and it didn’t harden them the way i think they were supposed to be. but, you know? they were still very edible and very delicious!

anyway, so, after i left them in the fridge for a bit (30 min – still not enough time) i took them out to coat them. i melted the candy coating and got my coconut flakes and blue sprinkles out: SCOTLAND COLORS!! (blue and white) and then coated them. it was difficult because they were still soft and the candy coating was still thick. the candy coating was like chocolate so heating it more wasn’t going to help. but i figured a way around that by using a spoon the cover it in icing. then i sprinkled the toppings on top. now, i had bought a stand to hold them but it wasn’t very sturdy so i nixed it and used our tall glasses. it worked well enough and i’d use the glasses again.

i the end i would say that it was pretty time consuming but i would make them again. i feel like most things are time consuming the first time just because it’s the first time. i still have some extra balls in the freezer that i can unfreeze to make more. maybe i’ll try some of the ideas i got from bakerella?!


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