citylets and faith

part of the whole moving process slash stressors have been trying to figure out a place to live. it’s been difficult not being able to go over there, see the place, and then decide from that. a couple of months back we were googling “renting in edinburgh” and came across the citylets website. it’s pretty much a search engine for most of the available rentals in scotland and ireland through a number of letting agencies. they list out rentals for houses, flats, studios, town homes, garages, etc. it’s been very helpful but also very frustrating. i mentioned before that we discovered this a couple of months ago. well, that menas that for a couple of months now i’ve been scouring the site in search of our first edinburgh home. i’ve called agents to set up viewings the day will gets there and have asked for more information but everyone i’ve spoken to keeps telling me  i need to wait. at first i was told, wait to look within a month of moving. then, i was told that was still too early. now we’re 2 weeks out from will stepping foot on scottish land and they’re telling me they can’t do anything until 3-4 days prior to his arrival; and they won’t let us book a place without seeing it first.

(insert scream here)

so, now we’re waiting… still waiting. we’re both go-with-the-flow people but man this flow is not our favorite. we’re getting to crunch time and i want a place for will to live… and not a cardboard box please. this has been the test of my patience and faith in God. i trust him to provide and get will there safely and get me a job and provide us opportunities to find friends but for some reason the apartment search is a hard one to let Him have. why is that? why can’t i just give everything to Him? why do i have to hold on to atleast one thing?
in the meantime, i thought i’d share with you our top 2 places we’ve seen and are hoping to get one of.
i will start off with saying that all of them meet all of our needs: within a mile and a half from new college, has a clothes washer,  furnished, and within our budget of 550 pounds/month ($850/mo).

our first choice is on comely bank row. it’s a one bedroom that looks super narrow from the pictures but super cute! it’s 1.5mi from the school and has an open floor plan (which is rare) and allows pets!

Picture 1 flat to rent comely bank row edinburgh
Picture 2 flat to rent comely bank row edinburgh
Picture 3 flat to rent comely bank row edinburgh
Picture 4 flat to rent comely bank row edinburgh
Picture 5 flat to rent comely bank row edinburgh
Picture 6 flat to rent comely bank row edinburgh

isn’t it adorable?! i have no clue what the lay out is but i want it! the only con, that i can tell from the website, is that it’s available now. i’m praying and crossing my fingers that it stays available for will to get there and claim it!
the 2nd one on our list of potential homes is broughton road. i love how its furnished and it’s in a good neighborhood with a straight shot to the school; and allows pets too!

Picture 1 flat to rent broughton road edinburgh
Picture 2 flat to rent broughton road edinburgh
Picture 3 flat to rent broughton road edinburgh
Picture 4 flat to rent broughton road edinburgh
 Picture 5 flat to rent broughton road edinburgh
it even has a floorplan!
and, of course, it’s only con is that it isn’t available until the 16th of september. that would mean that will needs to stay in a hotel/hostel/bb/random person’s house for almost 10 days. ugh, and he would be moving during orientation week. but it has a “study” that would be great to put our bikes in and out of the way of the common rooms or a guest room or an actual study. it has a lot of potential.
we did have a 3rd one we really liked (it had a bang’n kitchen and a rooftop terrace and an awesome view of arthur’s seat) but i couldn’t find it; it may have been snatched up. eeeeek! see what i mean about not really having faith and patience? i’m so nervous that we’ll be left to choose between sharing a room in a 5 bedroom apartment and a cardboard box. i mean, don’t get me wrong, there are some nice places out there; they’re just out of our budget range; and we’re not all about being house poor.
so, if  you’re among the 3 people that are wondering how you can help then pray. God has been so faithful to us thus far why would He stop now? He hasn’t and He won’t. Please pray that will and i would give EVERYTHING to God. not just the big things or most of the things but
ok, i’m going to go back to bed. yeah, i’ve been up since 4:30a thinking about this. ugh.

3 thoughts on “citylets and faith

  1. I know it’s hard not to be able to control things like this; consider it an exercise in enhancing your patience. Checking out places to live is great for research purposes, knowing what the market is like, what things cost and what amenities are included. But the truth is exactly what they’re telling you: you won’t really know what’s available until it’s much closer to your arrival date. While it’s frustrating to deal with, you also don’t want to get your heart set on places that may be under contract before your plane lands. I’m sending positive thoughts your way that it will all work out; faith is a fine thing, indeed, and is tested in oh so many ways!

    • yeah, we’re trying really hard not to set our hopes on just one place. we know we’ll find a place and good or bad it’ll be our first place together in edinburgh which means it will automatically be great! the encouragment is great! keep it coming!

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