etdl update and more

Edinburgh To-Do List

get it? yeah… soooo…

anyway, i’ve updated the “to-do” list so you can see we’ve been busy little bees.

also, i’ve been on a richmond slash world wide web hunt for a purse to serve as a camera bag as well. that is, until i’ve found this one right here on jo totes website. it’s her newest one and i love it! now, do i continue to search high and low for a purse to make into a camera bag or do it fork over the 90 buckaroonies? dilemmas dilemmas.

Millie - Gray

another thing i’ve discovered is little brown pen. O.M.G. like, this girl takes gorgeous pictures of paris. it pumps me up to take pictures of edinburgh when i get there. she has an etsy store where she sells her pictures and you can even get her pictures as postcards! it’s making me think that maybe i can do that with edinburgh? ooooooo, i’m inspired! i really like her color series!

BOGO, Paris Postcard Collection, Yellow - Paris Photography - Fine Art Photography -- Paris Photos - French Photo Art - Paris Art














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