real-life halo

my friends and i just finished a full 4hr round of paintball! seriously, ah-may-zing. we got a deal from living social of 4hrs of paintball, gear and ammo included, and dave’s bar-b-q provided afterwards all for $60. it was an offer i couldn’t pass up. i had wanted to try paintball for a while now and this was my chance.
my friends and i used to play halo in college. well, it was more like i’d play for 5 minutes and then get tired of sucking at it that i’d just trash talk the rest of the night… and then fall asleep: good times. this was my opportunity to put all of those supposed useless nights of halo-ing to good use. and i rocked it. i sprinted, i ducked, i dove, i slid, i got into it. it was surreal. i tried to position my self to cover people. i made it to the fort. i saved the flag. i took bullets for people (not really by choice) and i even came up with strategies and called shots. like i said. needless to say, i got into it.
amidst all of my paintballing awesomeness i managed to get some pictures in (oh, yeah, you better believe i documented this!).


































we were so exhausted after 5 rounds of two 5 minute games. i think the last 60 sec of our last game is when my adrenaline wore off. my mask was all fogged up and i was out of breath and sore from being hit NINETEEN TIMES and it was all “hitting” me at the same time (pun intended). i was done. afterwards dave’s bar-b-q catered and i chowed down to my heart’s content.






amanda and i talked about it the whole way home. we were hyped up and acted like 2 little school girls gushing about the excitement of the 1st day of school! also, it was a perfectly opportune time to let out some pent up frustration. prepping for the move hasn’t been easy on me and will so i embraced this.
have you done anything super different lately?


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