edinburgh to-do list

lately will and i have both been a bit snappy and on “different pages” (a phrase that we think has different meanings to the both of us soooo…. yeah) and emotional and defensive and all of those wonderful things people are when working on something that’s above their paygrade. yeah, we’re stressed out and on the brink of freaking out. it hasn’t been pretty.
so, yesterday as will and i attempted to make a dent in whatever had to be done all we saw was a huge mess. we had no clue where to start and got really overwhelmed. we put our thinking caps on and came up with a to-do list; an edinburgh to-do list. i’ve seen diy bloggers put their to-do list(s) up to help the reader figure out the game plan for whatever project they’re working on, or will be working on, and so i figured i’d follow suit. this way if anyone is contemplating moving across that pond that is the atlantic ocean you will have a clue as to what goes into it. so, here it is (along with stuff we’ve already done so it makes us look like we’ve been busy):

take apart stereo
pack up will’s office at the church
pack up all of our books
give stereo and records and bookcase stereo is on to thomas (will’s youngest brother)
return speakers to my dad
buy a 2nd laptop
– pack up will’s suitcases
– take apart the bikes to pack and ship
find a place for the stuff we’re keeping but not taking with us (i.e dresser, will’s desk, summer clothes, etc.)
– give away/sell/donate: tv stand, tv, couches, night stands, lamps, dvd’s, cd’s, my desk, kitchen buffet table, microwave, toaster oven, our bed, will’s car, will’s instruments and guitar petals, my computer (a mac desktop), etc.
will get his visa back
– turn in my visa application
correct will’s visa (it says “0” dependents and we’re not sure if that’s going to stop my visa from being approved)
– set up viewings for apartments in edinburgh
buy will’s plane ticket (i know i know, we’re way behind on the eight ball for this)
– buy my plane ticket
– find a place for will to stay while apartment hunting
– cancel will’s phone (end of august)
– cancel my phone (end of october)
turn in my mini
– cancel car insurance (end of october)
– cancel credit cards (end of october)
pick out the little things that are familiar to us  to make us feel not so far away and have familiarity
– pack up my suitcases
update my resume for when i get there and find a job
– cash in my pto (hey-oooooo!)

i’m pretty sure there’s a ton more we have to do but this is all we could think of for now. my parents are talking about downsizing (hallelujah! b/c they do not need all of that space for just the 2 of them) and so we’re not sure it would be fair to keep our stuff in their house. friday night will and i got a little bitter that none of the state schools accepted him because it would be sooooooo much easier to toss our stuff in a u-haul truck and drive to our new home. ugh, so. much. easier. but it is what it is. we prayed that God would make this process easy for us (as in deciding a school) and He did so we really can’t complain. He’s been faithful throughout our whole lives and throughout this whole process and will continue to be faithful. we’re just trying to be faithful in return.

for your viewing pleasure, and to make you feel better about yourselves, here’s a shot of what our place looks like. seriously, you can now look at your place in sweet joy knowing it looks way better than ours. you’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “edinburgh to-do list

  1. Good for you putting it all on paper. You will be amazed, before you know it, everything will be crossed out. We have moved many times and somehow, with God’s grace, it all comes together. Edinburgh is beautiful and this will all be worth it in the end. Love, hugs, and prayers sent your way :)

    • sharmaine! i love you and thank you for your encouraging words; they mean so much to me! I love you and your family! I hope all is well :)

  2. Just found your blog and find it exciting to think about being in your situation: younger, continuing your education, just starting out. Moving overseas can be exhilarating and trying at the same time. Making a master list is important, so good for you! My only comments on your list were: yikes, yes the visa thing is critical! Definitely a ‘long-pole-in-the-tent’ thing that needs to be addressed right away. Also wondered why you’re cancelling credit cards. You might want to consider keeping at least one for emergencies AND to maintain an ongoing credit history. We kept our main US credit card even though living in The Netherlands for who knows how long. Good luck!

    • yeah, we’re keeping our 2 major credit cards but the smaller ones (i.e. store credit cards) aren’t necessary and honestly make me nervous. i couldn’t complete my visa stuff until will sent back one of the documents he needed to enter the country. that was the delay on that. but he’ll be sending it within the next day or so and i should have everything i need to send for my visa. it’s getting real and i can’t wait!

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