“a severe mercy”

i had a wonderful weekend! friday we had dinner with the zannino’s and it’s always a guarenteed good time when you have dinner with old friends. john and i went to elementary/middle/highschool together and kristen and i met when they moved to richmond from maryland, i think , 5 years ago. we’re in the same table group and have been meeting together for over a year now! will and i walked away from dinner feeling encouraged and loved.
saturday was wonderful! i woke up early (6:49a) and tried out the braided crown. it turned out to be a lot easier than i thought it would be. and it turned out better than i thought. i was impressed with myself.

will and i started packing our stuff up (eeeek!). we gave the bookcases to his parents and packed up all of the books, movies. and frames we had. of course this pile doesn’t include his books in his office at the church.

then we met up with our friends ashton and christy mitchell at bogey’s to hit the batting cages. i proved my sheer female strength by breaking my bat and forever establishing my pure awesomeness.

afterwards we went on an impromptu date (will’s idea). we ordered johnny rocket’s to go and smuggled it in the theater and watched “captain america.” we both enjoyed it and then went home. we talked a lot saturday. we talked about everything and anything we could think of. it was a great day. sunday we led worship at church (which i still get nervous every time) and spent the afternoon together. another impromptu date and reading at barnes & noble.

then we went to a cookout at john’s house where i hustled at cornhole and the kelly boys dominated at kinect dance off.

it was such a wonderful time spent with will. i told him that i felt like our relationship was strong. the whole weekend felt like a real-life “severe mercy.” we talked about everything and shared in each other’s experiences. i don’t know how else to describe it other than our relationship, or our marriage, felt solid and strong; and that’s always a good feeling to have.
so, that was my weekend. i hope you had as great of a weekend as i did!


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