have a non-boring weekend!

i went out to dinner with our good friends, jared and lauryn galloway (of lauryn galloway photography – shameless plug) and we were talking about our respective blogs and i had realized it has been way too long but not because i’ve been busy, but because i don’t feel as though there’s anything worth reporting. seriously, nothing. nada. zilch. i’m at a point in my life where i am bored and feel as though i have a boring life.
“but your’e moving to scotland!?!” is what you’re asking my right now isn’t it? well, it’s true. and that’s exciting to think about except i still have 11.5 weeks until i move; not to mention having to go through will getting there in 4.5 weeks (which is 7 weeks before me) and my brother moving to france 4 weeks before me.
maybe what i’m really feeling is a rebellion against the waiting game. i’m tired of prepping for scotland and i’m ready to be there now! i’m also tired of waiting for something to happen to me… i need to go and make things happen. so, i’ve decided that the 7 weeks between will’s and my departure from this beautiful country will be jam packed with exciting things… well, atleast exciting to me. i’m going to knoxville for a few days to see kat, my bff who got married 2+ weeks ago, i’m going to new york to see my good friend sarah who moved up there in july, and i’ll have to come up with some other stuff.
to get a bit deep, and sad, will and i have struggled to feel connected here in the west end (of richmond, va) and don’t feel as though we’re leaving any sort of community here. not that we don’t have friends; we have some here and there. but we don’t have a tight-knit group of people that know us and we know them and that seek us out or for us to seek out. we’ve tried but no one’s really, “tak’n the bait” if you know what i mean. it’s sad but it does make leaving here easier. i will clarify and say that we don’t count family as a part of our community. they’re a part of who we are and are on a whole different level: they are who we will miss the most and make leaving hard.
 <stepping off soap box>
anyway, i still need to keep up with the blog. i’m pulling a “joanna goddard” and doing one of her “have a _____ weekend” things where i post some things i’ve discovered on the internet that are interesting to me.

speaking of joanna! i believe i’ve mentioned this before but i am inspired by her hair tutorials. they look effortless and classy. this braided crown look is one i’ve kept close because i’m trying to get the guts to wear it out in public. maybe i’ll try it this sunday at church? oooo i’m nervous!

this article on beards by joanna’s husband is great! will has a beard and i love love LOVE it! our mom’s hate it but luckily i outrank them so their opinion is moot. part of me sees his beard as a small symbol of my power.

going back to joanna, (can you tell i love her?!) she did an exerpt on “talking to little girls” based on lisa bloom’s articles/ideas/books/etc. this was great because i’m not good with kids. will is fantastic with kids. as a matter of fact he’s fantastic with everyone. no joke, ev-er-y-one. ooops, i take that back, everyone except my dad… but it’ll only be a matter of time.

july 24th was the 1st day gay marriages were recognized as legal in the state of new york! yaaaaaaaay! it’s been a long time coming. the new york times did some interviews on a bunch of the newlyweds and it was an interesting read. the couples look so happy! now, i know i’m a christian and the bible says that homosexuality is wrong, but it also says the greatest thing we can do is to love. love God and love our neighbor; and who is our neighbor? everyone. that’s the driving point of the gospel – love. there’s no greater purpose on this earth than to experience God’s love for us and do our best to be a mirror of that love to those we come across. amen!

for a while i’ve wanted a camera bag and have had my eye on one from kelly moore. but i can’t afford one so i’ve been looking at other means… like, making my own! a friend of mine posted this from tatertots and jello on facebook and i was like, “hey-oooo, that’s what i’ve been looking for!” so i’m posting it here for all of you to revel in my glorious find. thank you maria! note: i can’t sew, so i’ve passed this on to a friend who can. cross your fingers that she’ll make a bag for me!

also on facebook (isn’t it great?!) i was reading someone’s conversation (kinda like what joe murdoch did but legal) and they mentioned the blog “kendi everyday“. this blog is of great interest to me because i am not trendy nor do i have the financial means to be trendy but i sure do try. my outfits seem so blah to me and i’ve been uninspired. getting a quick fix from this blog helps reignite my innate passion for fashion. side note: will and i have refused to buy summer clothes because let’s get real, scotland has a mild spring at its warmest… we will not be having a summer for 4 years (your prayers are much appreciated). so i can NOT wait for the fall and winter lines to come out!

ok, that’s all i’ve got for now. enjoy!


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