my best friend’s wedding

note: all of these pictures i took from sarah der’s blog here. she did a wonderful job and almost made me want to get married again just so she could be my photographer. almost.

it was such a beautiful wedding and sooooo kathryn!
it was small and cute and natural and casual and dressy all at the same time. she did all of the coordinating and decorating herself!
the day was wonderful. us ladies didn’t have to meet until 2p so i watched the new harry potter movie @ 9:45a saturday. i will say that i was a bit disappointed but was still entertained. but, let’s be honest, how often do movies truly follow the book? not very often; just look at the previous harry potter movies.
anyway, leslie picked me up after her hair appointment and we headed to the hotel where we were getting ready. there was some timid nervous energy going on in the room with a blanket of calm… if that makes sense? i don’t know, but it helped in getting ready. i did my gibson tuck and twisted my bangs to the sides. i think it turned out pretty well. and it only took 2min to do – super easy! i got to spend the rest of the time figuring out my new bra that will never wear it again. but it pulled through for most of the evening so i am grateful for that (it was one of those sticky bras for backless dresses and because of the heat the sticky wasn’t sticking).

afterwards we all went to the farm for kat and ben to do their first look and the wedding party to take pictures. it was nice to get the pictures out of the way first.

then there was the ceremony. man oh man, i struggled. i’m not gonna lie, this was a hard day for me. and i have been telling everyone that this is more than a wedding… this is a going away party for them. ben’s starting school this fall in knoxville, tn for a phd in physics (yeah, we both married geniuses!) so after their 2 week honeymoon in italy (aaaahhh!!) they’re going straight to knoxville (they officially moved their stuff 4th of july weekend into a cute 3 bedroom house). ugh, it was a rough ceremony. especially when cory, the officiant, mentioned that. he actually said what i had been saying! i almost lost it. but, i held myself together. i will say that seeing how ben looked at kat during the ceremony helped a lot. he loves her so much and i know that he will continue to love and treasure her. he is a lucky guy and he knows it!

and then, there was the reception! the event i had been waiting for. will was dj-ing the reception and had pulled out all of the stops! he brought out his turntables and his records and his laptop. it was intense! and he did such a wonderful job! i was so proud of him. but if i’m honest, i knew he’d blow it out of the water. he’s that type of guy that is good at whatever he does. it makes me only a little bitter. will and i were able to catch up with our church hill friends and realize how much we miss them… there’s no community like the church hill community! it was a real heart breaker to move out of church hill last year and being with all of them just reminded me of that and made me a little sad. we’ve tried to make friends in the west end but it’s been hard; and disappointing. but, if anything, it makes us appreciate what we had and inspires us to be like our church hill friends: warm and welcoming and transparent.

all in all it was a wonderful time. i survived my matron of honor speech with out shedding a tear. i don’t think it was very good but let’s be honest, the only thought i had running through my head was “do.not.cry.” and i didn’t so i consider it a successful speech.
now kat and ben are off on their honeymoon and then will start their new life in knoxville. i will miss her terribly but it’s not the farthest we’ve ever lived apart so it’ll be ok. i’m thrilled for them! i can’t wait to talk marriage with her! to be able to complain and gush about our wonderful husbands all in the same sentence! to ask questions we’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else or questions no one else would understand because they don’t understand us. all of those things that put me and kat back on the same playing field. our friendship has been distant since i married will because we were both in very different places in life. it’s been hard to admit that. she’s my life long friend, my heterosexual lifemate, my sister, and to not be as close to her was difficult. but, now we’re back! the funny thing is we’re both married, both moving to a new place, and both supporting husbands starting phd programs! eeeeek! i love us!


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