the gibson tuck

so, i’ve been looking for a hairstyle for kat’s wedding THIS weekend and i have finally found it! yaaaay!
at first i was sold on the gibson roll that joanna goddard posted on her blog (i love all of her hair tutorials) but couldn’t manage to fit all of my hair into the little nest so i went searching for some more detailed instructions on the gibson roll. well, along the way i found the gibson tuck which is perfect for people, like me, with long hair! i copy and pasted the instructions (with pictures) so you may join me in experiencing the joy of having a neat hairstyle for a special occasion that takes barely any time to do… hallelujah! and i think i found my new go-to hairstyle!

the gibson tuck

  1. Start with a loose ponytail, about half-way up, and hold with hair band.
  2. Spread the top of the hair apart above the hair band. Don’t open all the way through like you would for a topsy-tail. This will make a nice pocket for the rest of your ponytail.
  3. Roll the ponytail, then tuck it into the pocket just made.
  4. Add nice hair toy. Sometimes I add a hairstick horizontally through the whole thing to keep it from falling all the way through into a topsy-tail.

i even did this at work (as you can tell by my ever so fabulous scrubs) to see how easy it was.


does anyone out there have any go-to hairstyles you do for a special occassion? i’d love to get more ideas!





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