st. petersburg

yesterday we went to the beach in st. petersburg… all. day. it was glorious! my favorite vacations are the ones spent by the ocean on a beautiful sunny day. first we went to visit will’s grandfather, paw paw.

isn’t he adorable?! of course it’s a bit awkward for me at first because i’m new to the fam and this was only my 2nd time visiting with him but he’s been very welcoming every time.  another good thing about visiting paw paw is his condo’s location: it’s oceanfront on a private beach. so that means the sand is combed every couple of hours (so it’s soft) and it isn’t crowded. Paw paw’s condo also has a pool on the property we got to jump in. They’re real sticklers about keeping the property clean and manicured so i was corrected in made aware of the rules when we got there by one of the residents. will said it only meant that it’s a rite of passage. it helped to know that because i hate being corrected.

after several re-applications of sunscreen and officially becoming engrossed in my beach read, “the help” by kathryn stockett (i highly recommend this book!) we decided to say our goodbyes to paw paw and head a bit further south to meet up with uncle ed and his kids for a monthly sand dance at one of the beach hotels. we were able to watch the sun set and hang out with family and chow down before going back home to see the damage that had been done by the sun. Today was a good day. I’m loving the florida life!


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