since we had our beach day (and the burns to prove it) we decided to have an indoor adventure the next day. we both enjoy going to museums and picking out a piece of art (from the store of course) to take home what we felt “spoke to us.” its nice to look back on some of the pieces and remember the afternoon or evening that went along with that art. so, we went to the dali museum in st. petersburg and had ourselves a time trying to interpret his work. i’m more of an impressionist gal so it took a bit more to appreciate his work but after coming to a better understanding of him through the guides and the tapes it was easy to love his work. the building itself was really neat. the whole thing seemed to be an extension of dali himself; as if he designed the building his work would be displayed in… even down to the patio chairs.

there was also a labyrinth-esque maze outside we walked around in. afterwards we went to wright’s sandwich shop to order, and eat, their cubano sandwhiches and coconut cake. the cubano’s left me wanting (they were nothing compared to kuba kuba’s!) but the coconut cake was delicious!! we spent the rest of the day reading and watched movies with ed, betty, and the kids. it was another great day in florida! ugh, i don’t want to leave tomorrow.


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