will and i celebrated 2 years last month (26 days ago) on june 6th! this year it fell on a monday and we decided to come home from vacation a day early so we wouldn’t be driving up from florida on our anniversary. i think it was a good change of plans though i was looking forward to one more day on the beach.
we didn’t do much during the day but hang out with each other. we went to the vmfa to check out some of the japanese woodblock art they were displaying. i’m a huge admirer of japanese art! and like i mentioned in my last post, we enjoy museums.




afterwards we went to a couple of book stores and hit up starbucks where i tried the iced version of my favorite hot beverage: a no water chai latte! oh, heaven! but, the iced version just didn’t do it for me. i kept thinking that i was drinking sat-out-too-long-version of my hot drink love. so, i may give it another shot or i may not. besides, air conditioning makes me cold so my precious chai is a year round beverage for me!

that evening we dolled ourselves up and went to our favorite restuarant, p.f. chang’s! oh man i love that place! their mongolian beef is my and will’s go-to dish. but we have a thing for asian cuisine. our first date was at mom’s siam (my favorite thai restaurant in richmond), our go-to place is anywhere vietnamese, and our splurge is sushi! we just love asian food! afterwards we walked around stony point mall enjoying the weather, our full bellies, and a trip down memory lane. it was another good day to add to the string of good days we had been having. but of course, any day i spend with will is a good day.

my love. every day i see you. your goals. desires. mistakes. your heart. and i love you. all of you. you inspire me and push me to be the best version of myself. i pray every day that i can do the same for you. i trust you. your plans, your choices, your dreams for us. you make me feel like the most important person in the world. you appreciate me. you value me. my thoughts. my opinions. my dreams. you encourage me. you make me laugh. i know that i’m an integral part of a team. a partnership. a couple. being in a covenant to God with you brings me such joy: such peace. i’ve never been more sure of any decision i made than the one to marry you. you are my beloved. i love you. all of you.

always and forever yours,


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