ybor city

for our 1st day in tampa will and decided to head over to ybor city! it’s like a larger carytown with a hispanic flair… so i love it! we drove into downtown tampa and took the trolley in to ybor… i love trollies! so cute!




we did a bit of perusing of record stores and urban outfitters (i couldn’t resist – i LOVE that store!) and enjoying the florida sun!









we stopped in to eat at columbia. it’s a nicer spanish restaurant that is known for it’s food so we checked it out. i loved the ambience and the food was delish. we split a couple of tapas and some cuban black bean soup (yummy!). i would have snapped some shots buuuuuuut this thought crossed my mind after we inhaled the food. my b.





isn’t that door gorgeous?! and the courtyard we ate in was bathed in sunlight. i loved the ceiling light in the front room against the painted ceiling; super cool.
afterwards we drove along bayshore blvd that, well, runs along the bay. will absolutely loves this road because of the view. you can see davis island, where his great aunt lives and derek jeter lives there too, and downtown tampa from the boulevard. they recently painted the stone railing a crisp white which made it stand out against the blue water. the houses along this road run anywhere from 1 million to 15 million dollars (i know, my heart stopped beating too). we saw a number of people rollerblading, running, walking (with or without their dog) along the boulevard all day. we’re hoping to go for a run on it sometime during our stay here.





then we headed over to tampa international airport to snap some shots of the sunset from the top of the parking garage. let me say, the view was gorgeous! i was a bit freaked out by the height (9 stories up) but not so much that i couldn’t snap away.
all in all it’s been a good first day. i got to check out a new area of tampa i’d never been to before and hang out with my love! we haven’t had too many excursions together so we’re still figuring out how we travel together and what we need to work on, but isn’t that what marriage is for? figuring out where we’re at and how to move forward together? i’m learning to enjoy that process (i’m not very good at having grace, or patience, for myself during the learning process). so far so good :)


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