road trip’n it down south… of the border

will and i are officially on vacation!! can i get a “woot woot”?
we woke up early to be able to hit the road… and of course, that meant that i was taking the 1st leg (will’s not really the morning type). i’m not the biggest fan of 95 south of richmond but i deal because i love road trips! i love traveling in general! i get pumped knowing that i’ll be packing to head to a new, or old, place: figuring out what to pack and how to pack it, when to leave, with whom to coordinate with, all of it! i turn into a kid anticipating a trip to disney world: the globe is my disney.
well, with scotland having a tight hold on our wallets we didn’t have a lot of options so we went with the easiest and cheapest: drive to florida to stay with will’s uncle, eddy (will has 2 uncles, tommy’s in charlottsville). this way i get my road trip, my beach, and my time with family. an all inclusive i can’t get anywhere else. so, back to the road trip… will wasn’t in the best mood but that’s because he’s not used to traveling like me. it’s nothing for me to pack a bag on the spot and hit the road for a weekend trip somewhere. i even have a small toiletry bag that’s always ready at a moment’s notice (i keep it stocked). will? not so much. but don’t get me wrong, ever since india he’s had a appetite to see more of the world and for that i am grateful.
so, 95 south sucks but there’s south of the border to break it up. my brother loves it and stops at it every time but i’m content with a picture.
after that there’s NOTHING. part of the reason we left early (6:30a) was so we could take our time and so we could visit joe’s grave site. will’s grandfather passed away march 11 and was buried in the florida national cemetery in bushnell. i miss joe, but i know i took advantage of the time i had with him. i loved him.

after visiting joe we were tampa bound!

we arrived at eddy’s around 9p. 14.5hrs after we had started. we were pooped but glad to be at our destination!
more to come…




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