the making of another jones!






i’ve seen jamal grow up in the church since he was in middle school and maria since they had started dating: what an amazing couple! i’m looking forward to seeing the great things God does through the two of them!

side note: jamal started dancing and no one was joining him, even after he pointed, in my direction, 3 times to get people on the dance floor. so, being the awesome cutter of rugs i am, i joined him to get the party started! of course i looked around to see if he was beckoning anyone in particular (i.e. his new bride) and saw no one. so, i joined him and busted out the robot! little did i know that as soon as i started walking to the dance floor maria started to walk and i ended up cutting her off (ugh!). i had no clue! i apologized to the both of them but jamal encouraged me by saying that he was asking anyone and everyone to join him and i did the right thing by his standards…. so, with that said, i will always pop ‘n lock it but i’ll be sure to wait until the bride gets out there 1st.

stay tuned for more…


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