an education fool

today I watched my wonderful husband walk on stage to receive his masters of divinity. i’m so proud of him and proud of how hard he’s worked to get here. we started dating when he started his 2nd year at union presbyterian seminary and got married just before his 3rd and final year of the program. now, as we’re starting our third year of marriage we’re preparing to move to scotland so will can continue his education for an mth and ultimately a phd: my hubby is an education fool!
i have truly enjoyed watching my husband be a student. yes, it’s been a bit stressful to have just 1 income in the beginning but so worth it to come home and see how happy will is when he’s studying or working on a paper or reading for class. he looks at me with a smile on his face that tells me his enjoying every second of work he does for school. on top of that, whenever I listen to him speak or explain anything to someone he does it in such a clear way that I know without a shadow of a doubt that we are following God’s call on his life to learn more to be able to teach more! nothing brings more peace than a confirmation you’re on the right path God has set for you!
the neat thing was to watch will interacting with his professors. all of them love him and are impressed by him and are genuinely happy for him continuing education. one professor even said if will hadn’t approached him about pursuing a doctorate than that professor would have approached will to tell him he should be doing just that. how neat is that?!


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