cafe de paris

kat’s bridal shower was a success!! and using the prime lense f1.8 was amazing! i’m totally sold and want one… now!
anyway, everything turned out perfect! we had a tea station, chocolate crepes, a chalkboard menu in french, and quiche! i organized a game where everyone got into groups of 3 to draw new family portrait of kat and ben on a small cnavas (since everywhere in paris there are street artists!) and we all had fun! i played french cafe music and everyone dressed up… it was grand! the most important thing is kat felt loved and special and that’s what it was all about.
i love that girl so much and i’m going to miss her. have i mentioned that she’s moving to knoxville, tn after the wedding? yeah, her fiance, ben, is starting a phd program too, in physics. actually, he got in to the program last year but had just started dating kat and interning with C.H.A.T. so he decided to defer his acceptance for a year and now’s that year.
ok, here are some pictures of the shower!


                                                                                and here are some of my favorite shots!


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