babies and more babies!!


so, last weekend i hosted my 2nd ever baby sower for my friend dena and it was a success! i made a strawberry shortcake toss and ahren made some greek stuff on honor of dena’s love for all things greek and strawberry shortcake. all things turned out delicious!





the cookies displayed on one of ahren’s homemade etsy things and she has tons of great things in her shop. they’re also seperated by ones with chocolate chips and ones without. dena prefers the chocolate chip-less kind so i dug out the chocolate chips before baking them (aren’t i a great friend?!).
i’m not the biggest fan of games so i only had one game planned but i knew it would be perfect. my game is one where everyone grabs a sheet of paper and a book and place both on top of their head (paper on top of book) and try to draw a picture of the host’s liking on the sheet of paper; in this case i had everyone draw a new lemelin family portrait. leslie won!




so, with all of that we had a great time. dena’s pretty chill so planning this was no biggie. i knew that she just wanted to hang out with some girlfriends and feel special. i think i made that happen because she was all smiles the whole time! and, later that day keith texted me and thanked me for throwing the shower because dena was so happy! mission accomplished! yay! i love my friends and i pray that i’m a good friend to them and that they would know how grateful i am that God put them in my life. for keith and dena,  i’m just awestruck at how precious they are. they’re both genuinely good people and i need more of them in my life. will and i will miss them dearly when we’re gone :(

part deux of the day wasn’t nearly as stressful. it was micah’s 1st birthday! oh my word i love this little guy so much! like, i think i’m the most proud and obsessed non-family member out there. seriously, he’s precious and makes my heart melt. maybe it’s because i love his parents so much or maybe it’s because he’s so darn cute! boogers and all!

either way, i was honored to be invited to micah’s 1st birthday ever! ok, so quick back story on why i love this family so much. time. john zannino and i grew up with each other. we went to the same schools growing up and same church. his younger sister, kristin, and i became close a while ago and about 4yrs ago i started a bible study that john’s sister was a part of. in no time she invited her sister-in-law, kristen (yeah, i got confused at first too) to bible study and there was an instant fascination with her! seriously, here, this woman has shown up and she was my age but waaaaaay more grown up than me. she was married, had a “corporate-esque” career, her own place, and she had a dog. i was single, working as a waitress in between nursing jobs, and was living with my parents (God i must have looked pathetic to her). since that bible study we’ve been through boyfriends, house hunting, moving, getting married, getting pregnant, moving back in with the folks, job changes, babies (hers), and whatever else comes with 4 years of friendship. She’s another person that you know you want in your life and so i’m grateful i have her! and of course john’s great! it’s cool to still be friends with people i knew back when the cootie shot was a part of my daily routine. so, there’s my zannino obsession in short. i probably didn’t do it justice, but all in all, as long as you know and they know that i love them that’s all that counts. i’m so sentimental about my relationships lately.

isn’t he adorable? will and i had so much fun! seriously, we’re looking at all of our friendships so differently lately. i was looking forward to this birthday because i know i’m going to miss the next 4 and that breaks my heart a little bit. and throwing dena her baby shower was a pleasure because i’ll be leaving just a few months after xander’s born. man, this is sad.

ok, i’m done moping. that was last weekend. this weekend is THE weekend. it’s the one where i’m throwing kat’s bridal shower (with the help of stace and lezbo) AND photography maria and jamal’s wedding!!! oh man i’m getting nervous! on top of that it’s my friend sarah’s graduation party! ugh, as long as i get a chance to breathe this weekend…


4 thoughts on “babies and more babies!!

  1. You’re the best :-) Great picture of Will with Lilie, and of course of Micah (I swear he’s a happy baby, but I didn’t get any smile-y pictures either!). You’ll be glad to know we also got medicine to treat his runny nose ;-)

  2. I LOVE YOU JACKIE! Thank you for all you did. :) You made my shower a very special one surrounded by friends and laughter. Thats exactly the type of celebration I love and wouldn’t have asked for anything more.


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