do you remember from my very 1st post ever that will is applying to grad school? well, i did and he got in! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! he applied to 8 schools and only 1 said “yes” and that was the university of edinburgh in scotland.
march was a very difficult month for us for a few reasons; we were dealing with will’s grandfather passing away and waiting on the schools – ergo, lack of posts. it was a very rough time b/c will kept getting “no’s” every time he was with his grandfather and emotionally it was getting tough to handle for the both of us. i didn’t know how to be strong for him during this time b/c  i was hurting myself. i didn’t grow up with grandparents and i was so excited to be marrying into some and now to have lost 2 before our 2 yr anniversary was unexpectedly hard. i quickly accepted joe as my own grandfather and took advantage of having him around. i loved him and will miss him dearly. i am so honored to have known him. all while this is going on we’re so desperately awaiting the acceptances/rejections… DESPERATELY! being a girl i crave stability and not knowing what we would be doing this fall or where we would be living was torturing me! i wanted to plan ahead and pick out furniture arrange rooms and learn our new address and figure out where i’d be working and i couldn’t do any of that until we heard back from the schools. well, amidst joe’s funeral will got 6 “no’s” and an interview from edinburgh. it took 3 more weeks until we got the official “YES” from edinburgh and the final “no” from the university of chicago (jerks). so, now, we are EDINBURGH BOUND!!

the both of us have been so overwhelmed with getting done what we need to get done for our visas and move that sometimes we forget to enjoy this time in our lives; but i’ve posted signs on the walls reminding us that we’re MOVING TO SCOTLAND!!
here are some pics of the city of edinburgh

all of these pictures i got from google images… needless to say i peruse google images for hours at a time imagining myself in those pictures! i’m so excited! and i can’t wait to photograph the city!
i’ve also been google-ing edinburgh a lot trying to learn more about it… since i know absolutely nothing about it and i’m pretty stoked on living there.
here are some facts about it so you guys are now “in the know” like me (thank you wikipedia!):
– it is the 2nd largest city in scotland and the capital of scotland
– there’s a population close to about 500,000 people
– it was the heart of the scottish enlightenment
– it has a very young population (the majority being between 16 & 24yrs)
– predominantly european nationalities
– it was named “the best small city of the future” by fdi magazine for 2010/11
– unemployment remains low at 3.6% (scottish average 4.5%) (usa 8.8%)
– it’s main 3 sports are futbol (!!!), rugby, and ice hockey
– j.k.rowling, sir sean connery, and sir auther conan doyle have, or are, residing in edinburgh
– ian wilmut and dolly the sheep did their work in edinburgh (cloning)

ooooooooh, so much to look forward to discovering! and so much to do to get there… ugh; but it will be worth it!

edinburgh, HERE WE COME!!


2 thoughts on “EDINBURGH BOUND!!!!!

  1. 1. Didn’t you know you were actually posting on here – I will follow you now that I know that. ;-)
    2. AHHHH! Scotland! So excited for you guys, but we will miss you :-( Yay for blogging to keep up to date with everything.

    • thanks kristen! i have a follower!
      the whole phd process inspired us to start a blog so that our friends and family could be updated and kept “in the know” and it’s better than facebook!
      so, i’m so excited to be sharing this process and typing it out!

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