cherry blossom festival

iiiiiiiiiiii’m baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

did y’all miss me?!       i’m going to take your silence as a big fat YES!

ok, so things among the kelly klan have been pretty hectic lately… but, before i get into that i’m going to brag about our recent trip to our nation’s capital, washington d.c., to see the cherry blossom fesitval. will and i had so much fun! i had wanted to see the cherry blossoms for years and so i’ve been looking forward to this for a while! and, with us still in my parents’ basement it’s been a long awaited need for us to hit the road; and, we both have the traveler’s bug and had been itch’n to go someplace anyway. granted, it’s just a 90min drive up 95 and a 30min metro ride into the city, but it was just far enough away. now, don’t get me wrong, i’m super appreciateive of what my folks have done for us (we are down to our last credit card and are almost done paying it off and then we’re credit card DEBT FREE!! – we still have student loans, but we’re not worrying about those b/c they’ll be deferred soon enough… more of that in my next post… eeeeek!!). but back to my folks. they’ve had a lot to deal with in the past year and will and i moving in didn’t make any of it easier. they both lost their jobs withing 1 month of us moving in and my mom just now got a job (2months ago) so the stresses of 2 unemployed parents has been lifted. so, things are much better, financially for them, but at the same time, i’m soooo ready to have my own place and my own kitchen!!! and don’t you worry, the search has already begun! but for now, we are still in my parents’ basement reveling in our credit card debt free future that is oh so close!
so, back to the cherry blossom festival… we loved it. we did miss the peak blooming period but this was the only weekend we could make it out there; but they were still beautiful. i will say i was a bit uninspired to take tons of pictures for a few reasons: 1) i did not dress appropriately and i hate taking pictures in the cold  2) it was a very cloudy day and though it’s great for lighting purposes it tends to make me wanna cozy up next to my love with a blanket and cup of hot tea/coco  3) i was so grateful for the time away with my boo that i just wanted to take it all in my self and not be behind a camera. do any other photographers here ever get that way?

either way, will and i just walked around the tidal basin, saw the jefferson memorial, walked through the green mall, and just enjoyed ourselves and chatted about our near future. it was  beautiful time together and i’m so glad we did it. i think the last time we had been to dc together was over 2 years ago for obama’s inauguration. it’s was a surreal experience to witness america’s first black president being sworn into our government. history was made that day and we were there! we also went with church hill academy‘s students. some of wills close friends started a non-profit school in the inner city for underprivileged kids and that year the kids worked so hard to get enough points to go on the field trip to the inauguration. again, a surreal experience for not just me but those kids too!
note: the above pic is from the morning of the inauguration; it was such a beautiful sunrise!

and now i will leave you with my fave pic from the cherry blossom festival… :)


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