ok, so for christmas my wonderful husband bought me a holga camera from urban outfitters (one of my fave stores!) and i just got my first roll of film. it was weird not being able to see the picture immediately and trust my photography skills, or lack there of, that i took a decent picture. and because it’s 35mm film i wasn’t going to take, like, 50 pictures of the same thing to increase my chances of one of them being a decent shot. so, it took a while to use up the film (and i was uber nervous). ok, so here are the good ones (i had thought i rolled up the whole film but when i opened the back i was wrong and ended up over exposing some of the pix, my b).

this was a sunrise i took before going to work

this was at a brewery in charlottsville we ate at with will’s grandparents

the next 4 are from hanging out with our friends the mitchells at a barnes&noble parking lot




aren’t we adorable!?!

so not bad for a first timer, eh?! i’m excited to keep learning more with the holga and playing around with it.
this site’s a cool one to learn more about the holga camera and if you want some inspiration, this site’s a great one!



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