love joint

that was the theme of our 2nd annual college ministry retreat we went on last weekend. what happened was 4 college ministries in the area (vcu iv, rmu iv, eighteen22, and chi alpha) got together and joined forces to have one massive retreat. it’s kinda neat b/c since we’re all in the same area the kids already know each other, for the most part, and there aren’t too many awkward “i don’t know you’s” go’n on. and it was nice to be going back and having at least one year under our belts. i felt this year went smoother than last. i’m not one to be very good with writing down my thoughts, but i will say this. life get’s hard and exhausting and when a moment to temporarily escape and clear my head and i take it. i love God with all of my heart and i want to always be in fellowship with him but i’m so easily distracted. these retreats allow me to refocus, recenter, and rejuvenate myself.  there was also time to just chill and hang out and play soccer (the most beautiful sport in the world!); this was when i realized i’m not as good as i used to be and not as in shape… i need to work on that. i did get some picture taking time in to play with my new filters (yes, that’s plural – i bought two nd400’s!) aaaaaaaaaaaand when i went to richmond camera just before heading to the retreat i asked around about some used lenses they may have had and the guy told me they had a 2.8 wide angle for $125 (ka-ching!!) and i said, “yes, please!” so, here are some pix i took, mainly of the sun setting. it was hard to really experiment b/c it was so windy and cold and i don’t tolerate the cold very well… us puerto rican people don’t do well in sub-90 degree weather. let me know what you think!


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