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i’ve been taking my photography a lot more serious lately. i currently own the canon rebel t1i and i. love. it. but, i know that i have to keep moving forward; this means lenses, filters, bags, techniques, and… photoshop (eeeeek). after some research and soul/wallet searching i’ve decided it would be a smart safe decision to purchase a filter. i’ve been scouring photography blogs learning how people get the pictures they display and learning what what my preferences are and what attracts me and what doesn’t. some of the blogs i’ve discovered here on word press, like jim worrall and caroline gorka, who conveniently enough do a lot of photography with a certain filter i’m going to purchase. drum roll please…

ta daaaaaa! a neutral density filter so i can increase my shutter speed in high lit situations. so then i can take pictures like these!





now, are you sensing a theme? i love pictures that capture water as a moving force. they take my breath away. so, as i’m discovering more about myself and the types of, for lack of a better word, things i want to take pictures of, i’ve decided to go with nature as a good starting point. and this type of filter will also come in handy for sunset and sunrise pictures; who doesn’t love a good picture of our closest star?!

another thing i’m planning on purchasing is a new lense. and this is where i’m the most nervous b/c lenses can run pretty high and i’m still unsure of how they work. during my research i found out about the ‘lil f1.8 lense

isn’t she a beauty?! and she’s so cute! her price reanges from $100-$1000! she can get pretty up there in price. but since i know that i learn by doing i figured i can fork over a benjamin and learn from there! not that i’m all high money roll’n but i’ve been saving up some pennies here and there and have heard a lot of good things from the capability of this lense. b/c the aperature setting is higher than my kit lense i’m able to get better quality photos in poorly lit situations (i.e. jrod’s show in baltimore for new year’s) and take pictures like these.





as you can see, this lense comes in handy in a lot of different venues; outside, sports, and musical venues (so i won’t have to increase  my shutter speed to get more light in and risk a blurry subject).

well, with all of this said i would like to let the records show, i don’t know what i’m talking about. but there are some great sites out there that help a TON in explaining and answering my beginner questions like this one. also, i’m a HUGE googler. like, i use it for i will google “aperature” and “f-stop” and “how does a lense work” and be led to every answer in the world… it’s glorious! so, google anything and everything your heart desires and learn it all.

i’m looking forward to my near future purchases and showing off the perks!
if any of you are learning, or have learned, and have any tips i would love to chat with you. i’m not a wealth of information, yet, but i am an open book and would love to grow as a photographer.


4 thoughts on “next step

  1. After seeing Caroline Gorka’s stuff when it was a featured post, it also got me wanting to buy a filter. I’ve been on a bit of a mini splurge lately so it’ll have to wait tho…

    Good luck with your next steps!

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