easiest remodel ever

ok, so i’ve been addicted to redecorating blogs like this one and this one (they’re my faves!) and i have been dying to to some upgrades to my house – oh, wait, i don’t have one. so i’ve been living vicariously through sherry and katie. well, a while ago i bought a few knobs from anthropologie when they had a huge sale and hadn’t done anything with them… until now!






so, i now have a new desk! well, not really but it kinda feels like i do. i love how the red on the knob brings out the red outline on the desk. i bought this desk from pier 1 when i was a high money rolla in my single days. actually, i was entering into my last year of nursing school and wanted another bedroom set other than my grandmother’s (i love you grandma!) so i had saved and splurged on the desk, a similar-ly designed dresser from crate and barrell and one of those ladder-like book cases from crate and barrell. so, yeah. easiest remodel ever!
if you want to see the post that inspired this here it is.


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