NYE 2K11

i wanted to write about how we rang in the new year; mainly because we had so much fun!
will and i have a couple of friends of ours that are in a band, j roddy and the business and so will, my brother and i decided to go to baltimore for their new year’s eve show. at the last minute our great friends ashton and christy decided to come (ashton is a cop and had just found out he could have the night off) and so it was officially going to get rowdy! AND some more of our friends were going and this is how we knew we were about to embark on a great journey – talleyho!
also, apparently there was a memo that i missed… a plaid memo.
but i digress. ok, so when we got up there we went out to dinner with everyone and of course since it was saturday there was a college football game on and there just so happened to be a tv at the bar on said football game it of course it was a florida state game; GO NOLES! there were some neat looking fixtures hanging from the ceiling so in keeping up with my new years resolution of being a proactive photographer i snapped a shot of it. after dinner we headed back to the hotel and then walked to the show… through the red light district, hey-ooooo. but i think b/c it was so cold there weren’t a lot of “solicitors” if you know what i mean (wink wink).
well, we bought our tickets and grabbed some drinks and scouted out for a spot where i could do my best in attempting to be a rock show photographer (that post to come later). well, as expected “the business” put on an amazing show: i think any band that opens up with “highway to hell” pretty much guarantees they’re go’n all out! i think the best part about watching the band was seeing our friends doing their thing; especially logan. so, our story with rod and logan is as follows: i grew up with sarah, rod’s wife, and we had kept in touch all throughout sarah and rod dating (7yrs!) and since they moved back to richmond, naturally, we got to know them even better and they us. we listened to stuff rod was working on, hearing about his road to getting the band to where it is now from where it started in cleveland, tn, learned of bandmate drama, sat in on phone conversations with potential managers/labels, all of it. it’s been an exciting journey for them and we’re truly proud of rod and how hard he’s worked to make the band what it is today and be able to keep it true to its roots.
my history with logan is a much longer one (but i’ll keep it short). i grew up with logan at church. i first met him when he was in high school; and had short hair. we started hanging out in the same group and just kept in touch. logan is someone who is easy to be transparent with because he’s a very genuine person. we’ve talked about God, worship, girls, boys, family, friends, everything. i was with him on his first missions trip (which happened to be his first time on a plane!). we’ve danced at weddings, cried at funerals, and laughed a lot. there’s history with the logster! and since he and will have gotten to know each other and friend a true friend in each other it’s been heartwarming to have him be a part of my life. he is a truly remarkable man of God and i’m glad to be his friend! ok, enough girly heart stuff; back to the story.
so, the show ends, we take some post-show pics with our friends rod and logan (well, will does – the curse of the photographer, you’re rarely in front of the camera) and then walk back. of course san and will decide that 3a is a great time to search for food and seeing as my 5hr energy drink had worn off 2 hours ago i let them have their guy adventure time and went to bed. the next morning the whole lot of us with our band friends grabbed lunch and reminisced of the night before. then san, the mitchells and will and i headed south to continue our adventure in georgetown. we walked around FOR.EH.VER. because we had walked so much the night before in my tiny ballet flats i was aching for some comfy shoes. we made a pit stop at urban outfitters to pick up some sweet cheap kicks and some warmer clothes for me… my old lady self is also cold ALL. THE. TIME. but we had fun. will had never been to georgetown and enjoyed it. we walked in a few stores, grabbed starbucks, chilled in barnes  & noble, and ate some mad awesome gyros! though, i think the best part was the photo shoot: i love photo shoots! anyway, after our “abbey road” attempt we headed further south to good ‘ole rva – home sweet home.
we had so much fun with everyone. further more, we know we strengthened our friendship with the mitchells! we love them so much and truly appreciate them! in a time when we’re aching for vulnerability and encouragement the mitchells have  been true to that. and having my brother along is always a plus: he’s my best friend and i love him so much! well, that was our welcome of the new year; how was yours? anyone have some fun stories of rock shows or band friends or georgetown? please tell!


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